Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I spent the first 8 years of my life in Los Angeles going to elementary school with a number of Mexican kids. Cinco de Mayo was always a big deal and huge celebration. Read below to check out the history of the day. Embrace other cultures folks:)

The 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day, but it should be! And Cinco de Mayo is not an American holiday, but it should be. Mexico declared its independence from mother Spain on midnight, the 15th of September, 1810. And it took 11 years before the first Spanish soldiers were told and forced to leave Mexico.

So, why Cinco de Mayo? And why should Americans savor this day as well? Because 4,000 Mexican soldiers smashed the French and traitor Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the morning of May 5, 1862.


isoulsis said...

Haha thanks for history: cinco de mayo, some of my friends from mexico always say, "thats not are holiday" but never explained.

Anonymous said...

I know i had a blast on Cinco De Mayo!

p2me said...

i heard, the song playin
Cinco De Mayo all night that day.