Monday, May 12, 2008

Never Say Never-Land

Our boy MJ got em' again:

“Michael Jackson avoided foreclosure on his spectacular Neverland Ranch Sunday when a new bank took over the mortgage on the property. The 2,700-acre spread, complete with amusement park and menagerie, had been expected to be auctioned off this week after Jacko defaulted on payments.

But Colony Capital, a real estate investment firm, bought the $23.5 million mortgage and said it was negotiating a new payment plan. Jackson, 49, will likely sell the property, and soccer star David Beckham is one of the celebs reportedly thinking of buying it.

Gotta give Michael props for this one. He somehow keeps managing to never have to say goodbye to the good land of fun he calls home.

Here he is singin one of my favorite tunes, "Never Can Say Goodbye."


Ave said...

looks like he got on a custom made Gordon Gartrell with a BowTie .. OW son was killing it back then

mike gotta be moving that white he comes up with money like its nothing ... yet hes supposedly broke

Frank said...

He needs to sell that place and help his family..

flygirl said...

i agree with frank...may be time to let never land go and all the good and bad things that go along with it...

Anonymous said...

if it were me, i would sell to help my fam

larry said...

Ayo seeing that clip from youtube makes me wish i was around to see the Jackson 5 in concert, my Moms
went to see them, she said they gave the best concerts.

loveher said...

Michael always finds ways to defeat the odds, lol. Gotta love it!

In other news, people can "never" underestimated... *smh*

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Amy said...

MJ was so talented. It's a shame he ended up going too soon.