Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Just want to give MTV a GINORMOUS BIG UP! for having Princeton Professor, and great thinker and doer Dr. Cornel West's poetry/music spliced in between their programming throughout this Black History Month. GREAT LOOK VIACOM!!!

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Me said...

Dr. West is always kicking knowledge. One of my favorite lectures by him was about how Dr. King and Brother Malcolm complemented each other through their radically different approaches to the same praiseworthy goal.

If you're interested,

I'm looking forward to tonight's DivaSpeakTV - five episodes in and it is still as dope as the debut.


he is so informative,he speaks the truth,he is a master mind. and i agree with everything he says. im after greatness not success.(and you of course) fuck the power of a dollar i just need it to eat and stay alive,put clothes on my back,and drive when my lazy ass dont wanna walk nomore. other then that i hate the dollar it corrupted the whole world. we do all this B.S over a Piece of paper. i dont live to accumlate wealth,i live for love,and thats why im chasing it. cuz when push comes to shoove the money aint coming with me. but the spirit of my love will,and thats real. Its just like niggas i know in bk,i had to come to orlando to get away, they all stuck on stupidness,smoking weed but not thinking abusing it and falling asleep lol,tryna find freaks,partying with no work done,being another nigga. so they try to bring me down when im different,or talk shit cuz they jealous,now i dont trust niggas,and when i dont trust niggas i wanna hurt niggas before they julius cease me. Theres just to many to many niggas once again ignorance=the root of all evil. I need to go On a B.S FAST word!!!

rox. said...

MTV definitely gets a BIG UP and redeems themself a little for this. Dr. West is SUCH a profound Brotha and it's such a breath of fresh air to hear him in between commercials rather than the advertisement for some dating show or reality mess.