Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Diva Speak TV: Ep 5


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Anonymous said...

Wuz good Divs,

First and for most, congratulations on all of your success thus far & all that is yet to come. Second, I'd like to weigh in on your selection of the "superwomen of the week." Being a man of the Islamic faith and also an unpaid promoter of your music/arts & crafts !Holla!, I gotta keep it reall when I say I was slightly offended. Don't get me wrong; big up to all the women standing up for themselves and their livelihood but let me clarify that NO WHERE in the Qu'ran(nor the Bible or Torah [because we believe in those too]) does it say kill your children's mother or neighboring sisters or ANY WOMEN FOR THAT MATTER period. Yet, there are certain matters at hand here:

1) Just because your Muslim (or any faith) does not mean you are not human.
1b) The people in that area are poor. Poorly educated, poorly guided, and just straight up poor. I would guess out of the 155 killings, 150 may have been committed by young boys trying to earn stain/respect among their elders whom are corrupting the youth. It is no different than the Rebels in Africa, or even bloods/crips/L.K.z/ Ms-13/ wateva else there is to bang; taught to kill.
2. Women are often raped, among other things, by the !American Terrorists! (wuz good Lupe) and as in the genodice of Sudan, seen as severly damaged may be seen as better off dead. Straight up. This is not religion, this IS havoc, war, and possibly the beginning of the end of what we know as life on earth but don't confuse it for Allah's message because that surely is NOT what it is.
3) For what its worth CNN, along with (of course) FOX, and other major media outlets have had many stories found to be misleading and others to be COMPLETELY, 100PERCENTLY, WORD TA MOTHER...false. ~~sound the buzzer: EEeeeEEe~~

Yo, Im not asking for an apology cuz your too Harlem for that but take it how you will. I know you're a smart supa-wommen and thats why I'm took this time to talk to you [hold up there's back up "talkin to you, talkin to you.] Again, I love how you're tying up these ISP's and shii.. with your music. Stay strong, stay black, and read the Qu'ran once you get the chance.

Sa'laam and one love,

He who goes there

freddy said...

1. i can't front, both of the two times i was supposed to get an F on my report card in high school(the midterm report card, not the one that goes on your record), i did beg my teachers (math and art) to throw some D's on that bitch!!! So that shit really brought back memories!

2. to the first commenter, i dont think she was offending islam but rather just bigiing up the women who stand up to all the misconstrued things you just named. i'll watch again too listen closely...

www.myspace.com/AmandaDiva said...

First off thank you for support and though I appreciate your taking the time to comment I must say I find your comments to be misplaced and unwarrented. I am very specific in my story that it is SECRETIVE MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALIST groups who are completely misrepresenting the teachings of the Qu’ran that are targeting women. Are you of that mindset? If not then you should not be offended. Yes, there are many women who have suffered at the hands of the American troops, crips/bloods in America, slave owners, etc. but that was not the story that broke this week and made its way into the show, which is largely based on CURRENT events. For the record I am very learned in the Qu’ran and in no way was that misrepresented here so your sarcasm is extremely unnecessary. My step-mother is Kuwaiti and I have numerous friends of the Muslim faith (Lupe and Qtip amongst them). Fundamentalist groups are real, and they’re dangerous be they Muslim, Christian, Fascist, etc. and my honoring the Iraqi women who are strong and brave enough to move everyday among them regardless of the fear they have beset in their community is something that as a Muslim man you should be proud of not offended by.


notice how the ones eager to run their mouths,who preach like they GOOD men, aint real men cuz they remain anonymous. what you scared of a pretty lady??? LMAO

cool episode. soulja prick he corny. that D's shit is played out. and mannnnn d's thats failing in my eyes. i cant go to my popz like yo daddy i got a D. for all i know thats a ass whippin lol. trow some d's on a report card lol. D=DAMN QUITTER. then his bitch ass try to keep it positive naw that dont work. keep it positive from the jump!!! not because you fear what people will say. then why put it out.(FAKENESS)man little hommie blows,imma handle him for you!!!

liteskinbro said...

Amanda's on point with all topic, soulja boy is what he is a boy

liteskinbro said...

Amanda's on point with all topic, soulja boy is what he is a boy

Me said...

Thank you for giving some big ups to my Muslim sisters. It really means a lot that someone is doing that - the media seems to think that insulting them is fun.

Regarding your female MC offer - would it be alright if the female MC does a rapping/singing combination? A good friend of mine and co-owner of my label is quite a talented hip hopper and I think she'd jump on the opportunity given that chance.

Thank you very much for the work you've done and the work that you continue to do.

Keep hip hop alive

www.myspace.com/AmandaDiva said...

sounds dope! tell her send it on over! thanx for the love:)

Anonymous said...

Aight aight after reviewing the play I do admit my argument was "misplaced and unwarranted." Still valid though. But yea that should not have been directed at you Ms. Diva. Still the clarification was much appreciated. oo and fuck j.louie

Anonymous said...

ahh the whole soulja boy part had me dying .. keep up the jokes

MakingTheMogul said...

You're on point about that Soulja Boy issue. You can have fun with all the dance crazes and all that, but when you have the full attention of the youth audience and can influence their mentalities; telling them that you aspire to Ds is not just irresponsible - it's idiotic. I'm not saying the kid needs to do a 2008 version of "Fight The Power", but don't be that irresponsible. Good looks on addressing that, for real.

Btw, I'm loving the blog! I'm happy you launched this; everybody's got one nowadays yet very few actually speak something worth paying attention to. Yours is definitely welcomed. I'm ading you as a link from my site.

Big Dave said...

1.props to the woman of Iraq
2.kikikik Soulja Boy is a lame... GZA may be over a decade removed from his classic album Liquid Swords but he still has more credibility than this clown..

tineRz said...

dope blog!

& about the soulja boy ..hilarious!! =D