Monday, February 4, 2008

Put You ON! *Hollyweerd*

When I was in Atlanta for the Lupe tour Y-3 had an after party for him at their store in Buckhead. I was on my way out when DJ Mars (the homie) threw this joint on that BLEW MY MIND! Ya’ll I love to dance (hence why I love, “Buy You a Drink"!) but these days though a lotta songs instruct me to dance not a lot of them really inspire me to. Well, sheeeiiittt (sidenote: did you hear the "Sheeeeiiittt" Clay Davis let out on The Wire last night??! I was on the floor, LOLing) when I heard this I was entranced. The 808’s, the quirkiness, the whole package, it's like some straight Dungeon Family shit! So I had to PUT YOU ON!

Four cats from Atlanta: the Dreamer, Tuki, Staggo Lee, & The Love Crusader make up HOLLYWEERD. They on some fly shit ya'll. It’s some straight down south stee-lo but it’s hard & funky.
Gotta luv that!

Click on the links below to check their music out.

Check out their myspace page

"Love to a Weerdo "

"Go Hard or Go Home"

Here's a video of a dance some kids made up to "Love to a Weerdo"...I can't front, I wanna learn it, lol! I woulda KILLED this on the dancefloor at prom!




Anonymous said...

HOLLYWEERD is the next "ishhhhhhh" forreal! ! ! I want to get in that damn space ship LOL

Yellow Rebel said...

I found out about these cats last week on Concrete Loop. They're definitely unique

Star said...

Yea, these guys are dope...loving their energies!!

Ivan said...

These guys are pretty amazing. I've been needing something like this in my life for awhile. Thank you so much for posting this.