Thursday, February 7, 2008


I can't front I took this post STRAIGHT offa Bossip cuz I agree with 100% of it:

With the Democratic primary race being so close, it may go down to the end where “super-delegates” actually choose the winner with a powerful vote at the Democratic convention:

By 1980 the party establishment had seen enough. It struck back with a commission of its own, led by North Carolina Governor James Hunt. It returned power to elected officials and party regulars — the superdelegates, who will make up about 20 percent of the 4,049 delegates at the Democratic convention. They include all Democratic members of Congress and every governor, but roughly half of them are Democratic National Committee officials elected by state parties, who range from top party operatives to local city council members. Key interests in the party, like labor groups, can also name superdelegates. According to political scientist Rhodes Cook, superdelegates were created as a “firewall to blunt any party outsider that built up a head of steam in the primaries.”

The obvious beneficiary of the superdelegates this time around is another establishment favorite, Hillary Clinton.

Most of the Black political establishment in Congress feel they have to return personal and career favors to the Clintons and they are not voting their conscious, values, politics, or in the best interest of the Black communities they represent.

Their support for Hillary has been bought and sold and they may end UP preventing Obama from getting the nomination if it goes down to the end. These plantation-minded officials don’t belong in power and when Obama gets in power, their communities will vote them out for their foolish and corrupt support for the Clinton’s.

You can contact their offices and let them know they are getting in the way of our rendevous with destiny. Let’s flood their office phone lines and let them know we will vote their ass out of office for their selfish and career-minded “superdelegate” Clinton vote which will prevent Obama from winning the nomination. These corrupt and career-minded elected officials are not with the people or their respective communities . Obama is and that’s why the people are overwhelmingly are riding with him.


Maxine Waters in California (LA) 202) 225-2201
Shelia Jackson Lee Office in Houston,Texas 202-225-3816
Charles Rangel who represents Harlem, NY(202) 225-4365




freddy said...

1. why must every black politician be automatically expected to back Obama. Thats STUPID!

2. politics is basically the business of favors for favors. so if Senator Clinton in fact gave a hand to someone it is actually good politics to build consistent support. if obama was smarter he would have established a more solid political base before running.


Me said...

Si Se Puede

"freddy", you may not understand a concept this difficult but brothers and sisters are supposed to stick together, unless the person in question has turned his/her back on the family (i.e. Alan Keyes) - Brother Barack has maintained his ties and fought for our people.

The Clintons haven't done anything for the people. They just seem good in retrospect because of eight years of Bush. Remember, Clinton only had 40% of the vote when he was elected.

Me said...


I've just been informed by one of my colleagues in the campaign that we should avoid contacting the superdelegates directly. Rather, if one would like to do some call-related work, we should call undecided voters as per the campaign website's instructions.

Peace, love, unity,

-a Hip Hopper for Obama

Anonymous said...

"freddy", you may not understand a concept this difficult but brothers and sisters are supposed to stick together"

this "stick together" bullshit is exactly why my city is ran by a perjurying, incompotent, corrupt, and scandolous mayor. and if everyone stuck to their own kind and supported their own race, we WOULD NEVER EVEN HAVE A BLACK MAN IN THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE! i am all for tangibly supporting my people, but i will never vote on the basis of race.


Me said...

You ignored the conditional in my statement - you'd make a good Clinton campaigner with that out-of-context selective quoting. I followed it with "unless the person in question has turned his/her back on the family (i.e. Alan Keyes) - Brother Barack has maintained his ties and fought for our people."

So the point I was clearly making is supporting our own when they are DOING GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE.

freddy said...
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freddy said...

i didnt ignore the conditional, because my mayor didn't turn his back on anyone, he's just a fuck up. now i guess will will define "turn your back on the family".

and lets not act like Obama is oh so down for the people. He's playing politics too. He hasn't brought up many specific African American issues or dwelled on them for the fact that doing so will alienate potential voters. Which is smart, i dont blame, thats POLITICS.

and lets not pretend he hasn't been the one that has initiated most of the mindless, back and forth childish debates with Clinton.

So no i'm not sold on Clinton or Obama. I see good and not so good things in both of them. I do reserve my right as anyone should to be critical of anyone I intend on lending my support to and the people supporting them or encouraging me to support them. I am just as critical of Clinton.

liteskinbro said...

Thanks the phone number's i will make my calls.

Me said...

Staying on despite incompetence counts as turning one's back. Before you start questioning brother Barack's "black credentials", I suggest you learn more about him. Pick up his autobiography, written before he ever got into politics - you'll see what I mean.

What arguments did he start with Clinton? I don't recall his bringing up Rev. Jackson's wins or his referring to MLK as a great but useless dreamer.