Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grammy Thoughts

You didn’t think the Grammys were gonna go down and I wasn’t gonna have something to say now did you!!?? So the Grammys were Sunday and they were quite eventful in the performance department. Here’s some bullet points I’d like to make.

1. I Love Kanye Some people don’t like Kanyizzle. They think he’s a show boater, he’s spoiled, etc. I’m SO not one of those people. When I tell ya’ll I LOVE this man, it’s beyond words. His tribute to his mother, Donda West RIP was so tasteful and heartfelt. You remember Puff’s “tribute” to Biggie on the VMA’s that was more like a “celebration” of Puff?? Yea it definitely was not that, I was so appreciative of that. Cause award shows love to make spectacles of things that are simply n to spectacular like Kanye losing his mother and best friend. His comments when they started playing the music over his acceptance speech? “It would be in good taste to stop the music now” priceless.

(That's one classy broad)

2. Crackheads & Coons So apparently all you need to do is look like a crackhead, mimic soul music, and surround yourself with dancing Black men to win a Grammy (them dudes was dancin so hard i thought we were in a Heavy D video for a sec!) Call me a hater. GO FOR IT! But I’m sorry with allll the sistas out here sangin they asses off I find it very hard to believe that Amy Crackhouse is the savior of Soul music. And since when is the Grammy’s givin out all these awards to the Brits? They sure as hell don’t include us in the same fashion in their awards shows.

3. B Dawgs & T. Turner Why the green panties? Why the capris? Just lookin for some answers on this one.

4. Fergie is a Beast
How much did I LOVE Fergie and John Legend’s duet?! OMG. I loves me some Fergs and she SANG HER ASS OFF! And John. Oh John on them keys. Just byoo-tee-ful.

5. Rihanna is Gangsta
You can’t tell me B Dawgs didn’t give Rihanna a few choice words last night after she dragged J on stage. That was most definitely a gangsta move on her part but of course, he showed some loyalty to B Dawgs by clowing Ri Ri during her own acceptance. That guy is a piece of work eh?

6. Can Chris Brown read?
No really, cuz he was STRUGGLIN with that prompter last night. Maybe his pants were too tight, lol
Overall I gotta say, I enjoyed the show. I think they made a real effort with stepping up the performance factor this year and I loved the diversity of genres they showcased. Congrats to Lupe who a grammy with Jill Scoot for “Daydream” (it’s hella old but go figure) and Bams even got one for his book on tape (Hillary woke up like dang he’s winnin states AND grammys! I hate this guy!) Real talk though what do the grammys really mean? When Akon & Snoop are nominated for “I Wanna Fuck You” ya gotta really question where they’re at and where they’re really goin. Not quite sure what that award means anymore but I can’t like, I STILL WANT ONE! 2010 IS MY YEAR!!



awww why you gotta wait till 2010 deev???

you got me tho. i did think the grammys would pass without your feedback. then i said naw,she got alot of thoughts and lots of opinions.

this blog is funny,chris brown tight pants,amy crackhouse,etc etc,rihanna aint the G!!! you are!!!

and just how much do you love kanye west???(SIGHS) thats one of my idols but now im plotting on how i will surpass him!!! especially after i heard him tryna mack on sucker free vol 1. its a wrap now!!! im going in!!!


wrong mixtape. it was that bigger then hip hop jump off. yup the drop lol i'll never forget it. kanye tryna sweet talk. werdddd!!! im jealous lol

but where do i stand to be jealous silly me. i need to get over myself. im starting to think is aint reality!!!

80sbaby said...


moresickaMC said...

Well even though Amy Crackhouse is all drugged up..her music is better than 95% of the R&B thats coming out now...so ya she deserved those Grammy's. If Back to Black don't move you...you lack soul, period.

Necole Bitchie said...

hol up girl! you are out of pocket talking about my Amy. I'm about to put on that crazy Chris Crocker "Leave my Amy alone!!!!" voice. Chick Frank Album was a classic. Back to Black, hot. Just sad that her drug problems are overshadowing her talent right now.

With that being said, Good luck to you girl! i remember you from the spades tourney this past september (i think it was september). did you let terrence and rocsi kick your butt?? lol :)

I'll add you to my broll to.

Anonymous said...

"And since when is the Grammy’s givin out all these awards to the Brits? They sure as hell don’t include us in the same fashion in their awards shows."

Who just won best international male at the Brit awards and didn't bother turning up, oh Mr. West....so much for your arguement about brits stealing the amercian awards, you do it every year over here and don't turn up but never here us compliaining!

I love the blog and videos by the way, but the last bit just pissed me off for a second..