Saturday, March 1, 2008


Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia have arrested a 17-year-old boy and charged him with murdering his mother and two young sisters, one of whom was the daughter of rap star Juvenile.

According to reports, police have accused Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr. of shooting his mother, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Deputy Joy Deleston, 39.

The high school sophomore also shot and killed Deleston's two daughters, Micaiah, 11, and Juvenile's four-year-old daughter, Jelani.

"It is heartbreaking to lose someone in the way that we lost her," Gwinett County Sheriff Butch Conway told WSB-TV Channel 2. "I am very angry that these three lives were so violently taken from us in a totally senseless and cowardly act."

Terrell is currently incarcerated at the DeKalb County Jail, where he faces three counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault and other charges.

My condolences go out to Juvie and his family.



Damn!!! Like i said i dont wanna die by the hands of another man. i wanna die of old age!!! May They R.I.P

what Got into Lil Man,the Devil or ignorant Hip Hop Music, Wait that is the Devil!!!


I Wish I could Stop Violence. I wish alot of things,. im sad now. i wanna come home and protect my mommy

The Deen said...

What happened to our people?

My prayers are with the family.

essence said...

So Sad, why did he do it? why?

Anonymous said...

Amanda you seem very intellect, have you heard of this movie here's the web:
down load it, amazing
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and please spread the word.

liteskinbro said...

This is some real sadness, you never Black Families doing this to each other never Damn.

tra said...

Really sad what happen here.

This for the anonymous person,
i saw that documentary your talking about it is amazing, don't agree with all, but the movie keeps you thinking

Anonymous said...

yea the part about george bush
using the same exact words and speak as adolf hitler...
what asshole bush is.

tra said...

The part about the bush family in general did not astonish me period.