Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Word from Deev Pt.2

Someone on the blog made this comment:
Impact i respect.
A.D i ask you this question before on youtube but i digest and took it back because i thought the question was out of line, this not a question just my comments, with all your intelligence why music? i hear you on what Lauryn should of did, where Bob went and where Kanye is, but it's a Million folks trying sing,
i'm a father of four daughter's and my oldest, wants to entertain the thought of going into the music as a career, and tell her "No Sir" not over my dead body will i let her, and know i'm right.
I was going to respond just on the comments but I've been asked it before and felt it necessary to put it here in the larger forum. Thanks for the question "Datmyshit." Here's my response:
First I will say this. That's not a comment, it is in fact a question and secondly YOU ARE WRONG. Here's why:

Music is one of the gifts I've been given. I'd be disrespecting my potential by ignoring it out of fear. As a parent you should be nurturing your daughters gifts as opposed to trying to squelch them because of your own inhibitions of the business. Your feeling that "everyone is doing it" is a disrespect to her talent. If she's special none of "them" should matter. That's the beauty of ambition and drive. It separates the strong from the weak, and the wannabes from the real thing. Her talent is not something you can give her but support of it and tools on how to not succumb to the triteness of fame, money, etc. but strive for integrity, creativity, and efficiency in her music and business are things you can provide. And in my opinion (which you asked for) as a parent your goals should be protecting and nurturing which sometimes can become befuddled, but need to be
clarified on the reg. Protecting is does not mean to stifle and nurturing does not mean to enhance delusion.

As for my decision to do music. I will feign insult that you consider my decision to do it a disrespect to my intellectual ability. Rather, I offer you this explanation to better your understanding. Some of the most impactful people in history have been musicians. Music speaks to the soul and melody engages the mind more so than just words. For you to equate doing music as a lack of use of my intellect means you don't truly understand the power of it.
  • South Africa fought apartheid through music.
  • Jamaican political parties rallied their supporters through music
  • In the 80s young black people disenfranchised by Reaganomics found their voice and a chance to improve their economic means through music.
  • Slaves communicated news & tips for escape through music.
I can go on. Music is THE MOST POWERFUL means for change because it is universal. You don't have to know how to read to understand it. You don't even have to speak the language it's done in to feel it. And you don't even need to use words to make it move the masses. Do not let the saccharine nature of the current state of music trick you into believing that what it currently is, is all it can be. In order to improve anything one must recognize where the potential is lacking and build it up to that standard.

That is why I'm here. That is why I do music. And I put it off for a long time for the same reasons you don't support your daughter's aspirations to pursue it. Because everybody's doing it, because the money isn't as lucrative as before, and because well, it's HARD! But eventually I didn't choose music. It chose me. And I saw clearly that I had something to bring to the table that was substantial and that meant something. I refused to do this music unless I could be of a greater purpose than just another person makin songs.

If your daughter has goals of bringing her voice to the masses I honor her because it is one of the most difficult things to do. She is brave. Best believe whether you like it or not if she feels strongly enough to do music she WILL do music. It is not something you can sequester and if it makes her happy then you should be supportive of it. There are too many people in this world bitter because they are living a life someone else dictated for them and regretful that they did not follow their heart. Don't let your daughter be one of those people if she truly is committed.

Yes, there a lot of people trying to sing, rap, etc. But none of them are me and none of them can keep my light from shining just like you shouldn't keep your daughter's from doing the same. It only takes flesh and bone to be human but it takes heart and soul to be an individual. The same goes for being an artist.


Frank said...

Wow....I can't add anything to that. You go Deev!lol I fully agree, if you run away frm your love..you'll end up a sad,old person full of "what if's" in your head.

Frank said...

Speaking of which..I want to get into music too..so um yeah..I'm happy I'm not that dudes son,lol.

I need some Deev music biz tips..halla!

Toni Hazel said...

I definitely agree with your response to his comments about his daughter’s future and yours. I think that your elaboration was very intellectual and factual. So many adults (our parents) fail to understand the visions that their children see for themselves because it’s not what they want. They want protect you and make you settle for the mundane and not jump out on faith and explore your talents and share them with the world. You have to allow your children to grow and create their own path of success through whatever medium they choose. I feel very strongly of this issue because I had to face the same judgment from my own mother who still doesn't understand my love of film and my passion to tell the stories that go unheard, she would rather me be the lawyer she envisioned me to be. Please continue to speak the truth with the passion and confidence that you embody for the art you love. When you believe in something that is the most powerful asset in life. Thank you for believing in your gift and blessing the world with your beautiful voice and wisdom. Since I first saw you perform back in January you have put me on to a lot of things I didn’t know. Keep doing your thing, I’m rooting for you.

Peace and Blessings,

Toni Hazel.

Ave said...

that essay was on point

datmyshit said...

A.D., i do appreciate what you have said here...
i did read over about 3 times, and thought, before i made this comment,
i will try to meditate on your articulation, mainly on my daughter being "bitter" if i try too stop her from her given talent and dreams, it's so damn hard! when you are a parent, i am just trying to do what i think is best for my child, and 99.9% of the time it's out of love to protect her from harm and harsh judgement, not out of fear of her trying.
Thanks for the food of thought, i know it won't be an easy journey, but i will try.


You Go Girl!!! You Know What It Is!!!

Anonymous said...

well said...A DIVA!!!!

taprapper said...

Speak my sista!

he sounds like a caring father
i think datmyshit really feels that way with all girl's
his hair must be grey with 4 skirts to look after,
give me boy's oh god please!

Mr. J. Johnson said...

HaHa you told him right, I know datmyshit his real name is Eddie, i must defend him a lil this brotha is really an amazing Dad no doubt
but very, very, over protective of his seeds.

P2ME said...

hellz yesss to sistaz who think outside of the box
point2this! and point taken word up!

isoulsis said...

... "keep on pushing" that some old school lyrics

Anonymous said...

good speak but don't waste your master's

liteskinbro said...

Very well said., imma get more peeps to check-out your Blog