Monday, March 24, 2008

A Word from Deev

Someone asked me yesterday where I want to go with my music. At first the question was perplexing to me cause it seemed obvious. But then I thought about it all day and it's far from obvious because these days folks definitely want to go to some places with their music that I'm not really interested in (i.e. the strip club! lol). I had a flight from ATL to ponder it and I finally realized the answer:
I want to go where Lauryn was supposed to keep going. Where Bob went and where Kanye is. To the hearts of the people. And make shit that can not only change their mood but their minds. I'm not in this to make songs. I'm in this to make an impact.
Just wanted to share that with ya'll. Hope everyone had a good Easter Weekend. Whether you celebrate it or not there was still an air of holiday in the atmosphere. And I'll be God damned if Cadbury eggs still ain't good as jaxx!


Frank said...

Damn...don't mention Lauryn. It's depressing thinking how far she could have gone if she didnt "lose it." She could hav been our generations Bob M. But yeah Div, that's absolutely the right direction you should take your music. Personally I would add Pac(at least the concious side of him.)....& wot the h*ll is jaxx?(coz the only jaxx i know are "bassment jaxx" & they aint watta,lol)

The Deen said...

I'm not just saying this because it's your blog - I think you're honestly the musical visionary of our time. I say this because many, if not most, artists who have messages in their work make stuff that doesn't knock. A lot of it is dope, but the audience is limited.

The thing I notice with you as well as the artists you mentioned is that your music has a point to it, yet it's dope in a way that just about all sorts of people bump it. Your appeal is wide without sacrificing quality. This is often not the case even with the most talented of artists; think Nas - his commercial period was still dope lyrically but it's something that just doesn't fit with the rest of his catalog.

I would second Frank's mention of 'Pac since he had that vision in him as well. And, of course, Stevie Wonder fits in.

We've heard the LE EP - now we wanna see more of Diva. I'm pretty confident that you can deliver.
Show us what you got.


You Gotz to Keep On Walking On The Road To Zion!!!

taprapper said...

true that, true that

datmyshit said...

Impact i respect.
A.D i ask you this question before on youtube but i digest and took it back because i thought the question was out of line, this not a question just my comments, with all your intelligence why music? i hear you on what Lauryn should of did, where Bob went and where Kanye is, but it's a Million folks trying sing,
i'm a father of four daughter's and my oldest, wants to entertain the thought of going into the music as a career, and tell her "No Sir" not over my dead body will i let her, and know i'm right.

Anonymous said...


p.s> I don't know about Kanye sometimes...

Anonymous said...

who dat? hahaha the hip-hop chick with the masters