Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Put You On! *Justice*

This is a different kind of put you on. This group "Justice" is a dance/techno group made up of members,

Right now they're on the Myspace tour. My homeboy put me on to and I like their stuff. It's kinda quirky and funky and sounds like some sped up hip hop joints. They're from France. I met them recently and they're cool as jaxx. Check out this video for their song "DVNO." They said in Paris all the corny clubs are called DVNO which is Divino with no syllables (which means Divine in English). So apparently this song is about a dude trying to get into a cheesy club. The graphics are also bananas in the vid. I love creative SHIT!!!!


Frank said...

The graphics in that vid r nice. i prefer their other song "D.a.n.c.e".
But u know i gotta roll with the vets frm France, yup Daft Punk. they done put in work


damn you been going in on the post!!! im all late and shit. but fashionably late haha holla

so deev put me on Justice,Estelle,proton,hollywerd,monae, etc etc put me on to game Boo!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the video, very club sounding song

isoulsis said...

Wow the i agree with frank, the graphics the shit nice