Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Put You On! *Proton*

(A gumby and fly kicks. My kinda brothas;)

Proton consists of Thomas & Larry. Comin out the ATL (shawty!) they are straight dopey fresh and bringing their own flava of fly to this music shit. They describe their sound as "Everything from Atlanta to Chicago, Native Tongues to Memphis Crunk, Brooklyn to Bristol." Sounds like a whoooole lotta goodness right? Right! Well check it, they're gonna be opening for me on the 12th at SOB's! So if you're not comin for me, ya'll should definitely come and check out their vibe! It's gonna be fun times. Peep some of their show footage below and friend rqst em on myspace. They also have their own bloggy blog right HERE. Get into it! I'm puttin you on!!



Damn Bad PA system but i caught some smooth flowing. thats whatz up Protons on It and Deev Put me on!!!

liteskinbro said...

I wish i could be there on March 12
to see you perform Amanda.