Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This Child has been Taught Well!!!

This lil one definitely knows a SHADY CLINTON
when she sees one!!!

Barack in Da Ocho!!



lol Hillarys Strange to Her. We Dont want no Stranger to our people Running Our Country!!! Fronting like she Know us. Fronting like she Understand.

moresickaMC said...

Get up on Pacific Division..they do the damn thing...also Blu & Exile.

liteskinbro said...

the lil girl, looking like...i dont
trust you lady.

Lorenxo said...

"Did you brush yo' teeth dis mornin"?

(tsk tsk campaign like tha breath full of...) Classic!

tra said...

hillary needs to give up.
lol great picture

aset aka redtonesis said...

This lil girl know that she's not right hillary