Friday, March 7, 2008

Diva Loves Dru Hill

("swallow you like Reese's Pieces..." classic!)

So this morning Dru Hill hit up Baltimore radio station 92Q apparently to get back together. But er uh, Woody had other plans. I can't front Woody has always been my least favorite Dru Hill member. Remember his lil whiny ass rant before Angel on the their 2nd album? Uggh. Well, now he gon' and f'd shit up again. Watch the whole video for the foolery. I love me some Dru Hill and it would be dope as jaxx if they got back together but it looks like watta guy Woody got to go be a pastor...AGAIN.


Anonymous said...


keep on doing your REAL thing tho Amanda!

datmyshit said...

Their time is over, not gonna happen.

Lorenxo said...

wood aint do nada wrong, yeah it was randomn yet you ain see wood trip when sisqo married ol girl who milkin him dry or when they added scola to the group. This is real about the gospel cant really live it half way, they're people who say oh i luv God but do different stuff! wood was just lettin it be known that they wouldnt need him because he's on his grown man right now! he was drawin mad early! ssit down nokio...

lastly: music vs. your soul which one you gonna put first! sisqo?

Lorenxo said...

AFTER THOUGHT: "Also let's say they went 5-10years whose going to care? Fame is so temporary it's not even funny that's why the real things are hated by temporary situations. (i.e. love, your real family & PeoPles, not following the crowd, the gospel!)


Im Sorry Lorenxo but Music Is Soul!!! Its Called Physoacoustics!!! Its not wrong to Sing R&B. Its No Sin. We can love God And still Sin,its the Stain of Orginal sin passed Down from Adam and Eve(If you are a real christian you would know) thats why we ask the Lord For Forgiveness. Its The Sacrament Of Penance!!! So they are not wrong nor is he right. now if you talking Booty Poppin and Being in love with a stripper then thats another story. Its Just the Principal. He should of told them from the get. Its Called respect. Also they Grown men what they doing wrestling in a Radio Station. Woody is totally justified they silly. but then He talks about preaching and his tryna fight too . they all silly truthfully if i was a label i would not bring um back out!!! they More like Immature Not Dru Hill!!!

Lorenxo said...

your correct music is not sinful but to be real what they gonna be singin about?... Thong song II reloaded? tourin after parties,liqour,etc.

secondly i did mention, that what Wood did was "Randomn yet you ain see wood trip" because all of dru hill has been irrational because mind you this isnt the first time sisqo WALKED out a studio session, just ask 93.9 kissFM in D.C. wassup.

Lastly you are correct God does forgive for repentance. Yet the word REPENT means To feel such regret for past conduct as to change one's mind regarding it.

Thats like datin a jawn and she say well my Boyfriend know my heart so ima go ahead and creep and just ask forgiveness. So YES! you are correct there is no such thing as a PERFECT MAN! non sinner! We are all imperfect! Yet to Strive for excellance is what its about. Word up if you look in the New testament most of the disciples denied Jesus after he rose and even doubted his return (The apostle Thomas) yet when TRULY Convicted they started to get on The Right track!.. Even Malcolm X believed in Repentance yet he still was in Boston "HUSTLIN", it wasnt until he made the Decision to get on the right track was his Walk Effective.

so im not sayin r&B is a sin ..i love r&B,soul,reggae,hip hop... its about decisions and actions!..
and to answer about Woods fighting if relooked its called "SELF deFense" because they got up on him first and SELF DEFENSE is not Fighting. thats part of the whole LION&LAMB meaning! Almost like When JESUS stormed the temple and over turned the tables! It was for a just cause "Protection..Not destruction"

"So to be real it's pointless because we all know this is going to blow over...if dru hill comes back they'll prolley go platinum because fans love the music and remember the whole neo movement/Dru hill era..and when they get that award they;ll give honor to GOD,they folks, and prolley say WOODY we luv u man and miss you and blah blah blah and walk off stage)....Like clock work


truthfully hommie First Off i dont care about Dru HIll. Secondly your saying the same thing i said. thirdly i hate when i make a point and some smart aleck goes mimicking me debating Against me with the Same Words i said. Fronting like he got reason.

self defense aint fighting lol. okay sir!!! So its Self defense wrestlIng like Lil boys in the sand box!!! you got it DUDE!!!

So you think you got the Game In tact!!! You Think YOu got The Industry all figured out??? How come i dont see you In it??? huh Mr. Impresario!!! Lol

You talking about temporary things. but what about your hate towards them saying they wont make it. Is your Hate Temporary??? Is your hate a good Value OF LIFE. you liked um before,you hating now. Stop tryna front Like you Some Good-willed Preacher. you say "Real things are hated by temporary situations" So their love for music and the group is a real thing hated by your temporal manner of hate. it should of been vice Versa Wise guy. "Temporary situations bypassed by the Real" For Real is permanent. Real Love,Real Life,Real people!!! J.Louie Da Truth and imma Die It!!!

I dont care to cont. on this topic so refrain from responding to me your ignorant tryna sound smart fake ass!!!

Its Not that your stupid,your just lacking some Knowlegde(dont we all) its that your Fake,unreal,your a temporary Situation hated by this real brother!!! Dont Get Mad,be Glad I put you On!!! :)

Lorenzo said...

Brotha there's no malice or ill intent , Being in the industry isnt me. Lastly I wasnt trying to be smart i was simply making "MY WORDS" clear because when it was said "i said R&B was a sin" was inaccurate. I wasnt trying to get smart. Secondly..preacher..naw that a Calling, i just READ daily.

Now theres no Beef and I stated I agreed with you. Now the only reason I responded was to let you know that I wasnt tryin to School you up on anything. so As of now it's all Good and i apologize if i was mistakin. Settled. God Bless!.

Anonymous said...

its un fortunate, real un fortunate...but, I mean I gotta say I understand why sisqo ran out...but woody needs to do his own thing...he is lookin out for his best interest...i mean, yea its fucked up, he agreed to the reunion, then got on the radio and basically played the group, but he has to do him...(this situation is similiar to salt-n-pepa and other celeb group break ups)...people get tired of the same old same...its im sure some of us know how the industry can do a persons a fan too, but i understand where woody is comin from...he has to do him...

p.s> damn a. diva...seems like every where you make a post (you tube or blog spot) you have somebody tryna get at somebodys head...can't we all just get along!!!