Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shout to All My Sneaker Pimps!

(Now that's "sole"!)

I know Black history month is over but Nike cooked up some ill kicks to represent the Blackness. Check em out.

The folks at Nike delivered an exclusive Black History Month take on the seminal Air Force 1, and it's a winner. Features included ill tweed mud cloth design on the heel and chocolate and caramel colors. Not sure how I feel about the swirl on the toe but nonetheless these joints are serious.

Quotes from the good Dr. Carter G. Woodson are featured prominently on the box and in the inner sole of each shoe. If you are not familiar, please add The Mis-Education of the Negro to your personal library not now but right now. These treats are not available at retail, so good luck finding a pair.
(shout to for puttin me on!)


taprapper said...

Amanda you got a pair damn! they fly as hell! brown n color like my skin color

Anonymous said...

Those are some fresh ass kicks!

The Deen said...

Congratulations on the kicks; they're dope without a doubt. They remind me of something my sister and I have been working on called Shabazz clothing that has a very sixties look, taking after the excellent sartorial sense of Brother Malcolm and Dr. King.

Btw, I was gonna head up to NY next weekend and I wanted to catch your Nuyorican show on the 15th; would you mind hitting me up with the details?

aset aka redtonesis said...

Oh God tight ass kicks do they come caramel hahaha lite brown skin? just j/k

BC Planning said...


Nike has a black history month shoe while it exploits other brown people who made the shoe...interesting.

They were kind of fresh though