Sunday, April 27, 2008

Black Lily May 3rd

Hey folks if you're in or close to Philly on May 1-4
come check out the 2nd annual Black Lily Film and Music Festival.
This year I'll be hosting and performing in the finale show on May 3rd!

My performance at last year's Black Lily:)


The Deen said...

I ran into a lady last week at a concert who saw you at Black Lily last year. She arranges for US artists to perform in Africa and vice versa.She gave me her phone number upon hearing about our label here.
Your post reminds me that I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in one of those overseas performances. If so, I can let her know the details.

Congrats on the hosting!

Frank said...

Wish I could make it Deev, have a greeat time in Philly.

In other news, damn Chi-town..what's really good?? "Stop the violence 2008"-KRS One

Anonymous said...

You are bless, to be able too sing and rap

Frank said...


Frank said...