Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Diva Speak TV Ep:14

[sidenote: I tried to watch Miss Rap Supreme and got
literally 2 minutes in before putting
it on mute and changing the channel...uggh!]


Frank said...

Hey there, good episode. Nas,Nas, I'm a fan of is too and I fully understand what he's trying to do. The way I see it he's trying to take the sting out of racism or more specifically racial epithets. That's why he said something to the effect of it being cool for Em to call him a ni**er and in turn him calling Em a cracker, etc. Now while I may wholeheartedly disagree with his premise, I 100% support Nas' freedom to express his take on racism. I like Nas' music too much to throw him away, and if that makes me a stan, then I guess I am a Nas stan,lol.As for the song itself I like the beats, the chorus I admit could have been better. Now you see there people Deev & I can respectfully disagree on issues,lol. and RIP Sean Bell


wowwwwwwwwwwww, emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,NASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, dang man, why bro, why , what happen,
DIVA i have no idea what nas is doing,
LIKE RICK JAMES said Cocaine is a hell of a drug,
this song is garbage, what happen to the liberation music, lifting up our people, reality music. He could be proving a point that the media would trip if he made a song called im a cracker you a cracker don't you want to be a cracker,and they would raise hell about it,because really i hear nobody saying anything about but you and ,or he may be telling us how corrupt the labels are,and he can come out with a album called ni**er, and the only thing they care about that mighty dollar.

The Deen said...

I liked the episode and share the lament about Nas - he's always been my favorite MC, so I have this hope (that keeps getting beaten on) that he'll come round and tell everyone that this wack shit was a joke and release the real single.

Thank you for getting a Last Poet on the show; those are are brothers who have been on point for the last thirty-some years.

Will the bags still be up for sale after Mothers' Day?

Also, please reply to my email regarding overseas performances.

Yellow Rebel said...

I thought the same thing about the new Nas song when I was listening to it the other day--how the chorus and the verses don't really add up. Like I've said before, I think he's aiming to make a Black On Both Sides-type of album, although it doesn't seem as if expectations are too high.

I still think he should've just titled his album "The N-Word" so it would be a slick reference to both his name and the most notorious racial epithet in American history.

rox. said...

I have to agree with what you said: "Chuck D delivery with a Flava Flav mentality." I wish I didn't have to say that about a Nas track... it's sad BUT true. I don't know what's gone to his head and I don't really know what he's trying to do with this song/album either. I hope he gets it together so he can inform the rest of the world as soon as possible before people get the wrong ideas and think it's alright to just flaunt the word "nigger" around like it's another word. I mean children and teens listen to his music and are affected by it so he should be aware of what he's saying before he puts it out to the masses.

I love your segment about Sean Bell and with one of the Last Poets, it's important to keep us informed and educated on pertinent issues in our community such as police brutality and racism and the lack of reprimandation or justice for it.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with all your points. I feel the same way about the Nas single as everybody else and I feel the same way you do about the point when you said "he should be clear" about the message because people are quick to misunderstand messages. The mic, no doubt, is a powerful tool and you have to be clear on what you say and how you use it. People will go around thinking it is okay to use "nigger" because "Nas said it on his record" and that wouldn't be good for anybody! I'm with deen, I wish this song would just disappear and he would put out a better song with a clear message. The meaning behind the song is not wrong, Nas just isn't delivering the message clear.

p.s> love how you put abiodune in, love the lost poets, love how you big upped mrs. bell, LOVE always kill it Ms. Diva!

Marshall said...

Yeah, I've got no idea what point Nas is trying to get across in that song. I was definitely expecting more from him in regards to his new cd. The song seems like a shock value type of thing as opposed to actual social commentary on the n word.

isoulsis said...

you addressing good issues, Mrs. Bell got class after
the madness, i really feel for her and their child.
Nas went down the wrong street on his nigger/nigga
song, i don't peep the message, hope he can explain
his reasoning in an interview sometime soon

Aaron-Spencer said...

Im not even going to comment o the Nas issue cause everyone's pretty much said the core things.

I dont know how the Police in the US get away with what they do, but I feel like if I say "It has got to stop", then that would be like catching water in a sieve. Police brutality is ingnored by governemnts, as they are all part of the same collective - but being a lot more physically vigilant in our communities (all over the world) - is what's neede - the same way they want to apply unjustified force on innocent people, we shud return that force back to them [a revolution]. It's worth the fight, right?

On a more happy note: I love the way New Yorkers speak lol, i still have a thing for the "fuck outtta here" phrase....

Anonymous said...

I really like the way you address this issue on your blog.