Thursday, April 10, 2008

Diva Speak TV Ep:11 Pt. 1 & 2


Don't forget I'll be in ATL April 17th! @ Smith's Old Bar!!!


Frank said...

I see you really know your hiphop...thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

I must say this was the most entertaining thing I've seen in a long while. I was laughing, literally, through the whole thing. From the Jay and B wedding with B dropping from the ceiling, the duets, "I Do," and Jay's entrance, I could picture this shit happening. Then the Remy jail thing to the icing on the cake: The Yo! homage. Priceless! And OMG the Queen Latifah gold hat was on hit! I can't wait for another episode and keep it up!

Frank said...

The Deen said...

Dope episode - your impressions were spot-on as usual.

Next week's let down without a doubt is this:

Anonymous said...

shit was hot.....goin to comment on youtube....

rox. said...
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rox. said...

I believe the government played a role in Dr. King's assassination too. It's a shame that they can basically do whatever they want and get away with it.

This episode was great!

DIVA you are TOO funny. You need a one-woman show. Your dedication to Yo! MTV Raps was crazy, or HILARICAL as you put it. I was rolling especially with the dance moves and that crazy hat you wore for Queen Latifah. Your impressions/renditions were spot on, talk about being a hip hop chick.

I was definitely entertained. When are you gonna get your own DivaSpeak TV show??

I hope you never have to do another jail update but with Weezy heading to the pen too, unfortunately things aren't looking to get better in that area.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Absolutely loved the episode today! The Mary impression was on point too. Had a brother reminiscing (no pun intended.)Glad you're back up.

Trent said...

Great show! Your impressions were spot-on. And I love your "I Do" dance. ;-P

I'm glad you're back. Keep hitting us with your weekly shows.

You are the shiznit!


liteskinbro said...

I'm so happy your Back!! don't stay gone that long anymore, okay?
i needs it.

Anonymous said...

Just a question and or comment. I am a big fan of you, your music and how you represent (West Indies stand up!!!! JA…bradddpp!!!). Life Experiences...get it, got it...great!

I totally agree with you when you say that Martin Luther King’s death was the cause of government involvement; however I disagree with the plight of Black people in this day and age is their fault too. To say that they are "distracting Black Americans with coonery and materialism". I can't believe that. It's another opportunity for us not to take ownership of the problem and to blame someone else. We are holding ourselves down and we need to accept that. You mentioned on one of your other posts that artists like Yung Jeezy is one of your guilty pleasures and that's cool if that's what you like and you feel to support, but as Black Americans or Blacks in general we need to take social responsibility for own actions. I think it's a contradiction for you to talk about what's holding us down in one breath and then support artists who continue to perpetuate an unhealthy lifestyle through materialism and their videos visual imagery. He to me (not to put it all on him Jeezy) represents a lifestyle and a materialistic sense (as many other artists like him) that we should not hold up. If you feel that materialism is corrupting who we are as a people then we should not support artists that perpetrate that ideology.

This is why I find you as an artist and many like you trying to keep REAL music alive so refreshing. We need to make more of an effort to let some artist know that what they are saying in their music and how the represent themselves on TV is not acceptable.

We as a people spend too much time blaming other for our downfalls instead of looking at where the problem lies. If other cultures can rise from oppression and be successful like Jews and South Asians, Asians, then what's our excuse?

All I can say is that I will continue to support you (wish you were coming to the T.O.) and always will…unless you decide to do a song with Yung Jeezy or Joc or whatever there name.

Peace and blessing.


Love the episodes…keep it up!

meluv79 said...

Lol, i share most of your Ep on youtube, lol funny stuff

loveher said...

To speak on jail... I was watching a "Spring Bling" show and Terrence repeatedly said "we're gonna get crazy here and probably get arrested by the end of the night" then he ended the show with "let's go get arrested!" the fact that BET condones this wreckless talk baffles me...shit doesn't stop. I'm so ready for you to "fill the void" with the reaaaaal to make you feeeeel shit.

I like how the camerman zoomed out on Dana's 6foot hat, COMEDYYY!

K Dizz said...

haha amanda yous a fool for that yo! mtv raps video montage, nonetheless i couldn't stop laughing.. big ups to all! peace


Tuned In!!! Cool Episode Real Funny!!!
Your Seriously Amanda All Day and Diva WHen necessary!!! To bad i Dont Really Know who you are :(

You seem Like Such a Fun Person to be around. You make my world a Fairy Tale with all your Enchantment!!!(Hope you Progress Happily Ever After)