Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Put You On! *The Roots* & *Estelle*

SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!! The Roots' "Rising Down" & Estelle's "Shine" are in stores and on Itunes today! Whether you cop physical or download make sure you pay some bread and support these artists for their creativity and originality! Here's some footage from Estelle's show in NYC last night! She did her thing thing! (And she's Grenadian! More fiyah!!!)


Frank said...

Estelle get's a big co-sign...she's funky fresh to def. Roots..u know what it is!

isoulsis said...

Oh yes! i love Estelle music and the legendary Roots! Nyc have the best concerts what a musical town

Frank said...

it's only the beginning people


medottie said...

I like her style.
The Roots!