Thursday, April 17, 2008

Diva Speak TV Ep:12 Pt.1 & 2

Part 2.


Frank said...

Burget King "man" was Hillary-ous.......part2 isn't working for me.

Frank said...


Soopa Starr said...

It's a sad thing, the femcees of today. It's like women are either oversexed or extra "gangsta" nowadays, which is absolutely ridiculous! Damn, can we get the Latifahs and Lauryn Hills back?! Or hell, what about women like you and Jean Grae.Jeez louise. But to answer your question, no. People don't wanna hear about women shooting your aunt and murdering your cousin, wtf is that all about?! It's not even believable like that simply because I think women are seen more as the responsible sex. No dis to men but women carry the children and often are the ones who get stuck raising the child alone--we're seen as the nurturers (especially black women, who have historically been the family rock), which basically makes us carry more weight in terms of societal views, so it's like wtf when a woman is talking about AK47s and ish (and also why women are criticized harder than men for being oversexualized too). I don't know, this is way deeper than what I can go into for a comment, but I hope that little tid bit makes sense. That's just my theory but it's all very frustrating because so many women feel like they have to only rap about their ass and tits or "be like the men." Oh, and have you checked out Nikki Minaj? *rolls eyes*

freddy said...

ey Nikki Minaj can spit though! Real Talk,

Minaj 08',
Freaky Freddy

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I Hate Lames Too,Lames HAte Me Back,Cuz Lames Aint Real DuDes. The Harder They Hate,The Realer Da Duke,To BE Real Is the Truth!!!

FOrget About The BuBBleGum Rapperz,They Always LoSe Flava!!!

As for you, You Keep It "Classic"
"BEtter then you Ever Been"
You The Everlasting GoBStopper
NEver Lose Flava!!! "TIMELESS"

Anonymous said...

^^ Nikki, sounds just like Lil Kim

Soopa Starr said...

I hear you Freddy but her presentation is annoying.

Nichelle said...

You are hilarious!