Monday, April 21, 2008

Krs-1 is a Pacifist

Krs-1 is dope. Period. It's very rare that people stand strong in their beliefs and practice what they preach!

“Rap legend KRS-One suffered a fractured right hand at the hands of an angry fan, during a recent performance at a New Haven, CT nightclub. The fan, who became upset after being escorted off stage by the club’s security staff, threw a bottle in the direction of the stage, striking KRS-One in the face and hand. Despite the fan’s hostility, KRS-One remained calm as he urged the crowd to ‘Let it go. When negativity comes your way, let it go,’ said the rapper, who was rushed to to Yale-New Haven hospital in an ambulance. ‘Let this be an example as to how we stop the violence,’ KRS-One said.’”


Frank said...

Amanda you get many cool points frm me for co-signing KRS. I know some in the younger generation may be hatin on that man, but I could care less. KRS is the sh*!
btw, whats your take on Nas' new single...pretty controversial stuff.

taprapper said...

I miss this kind of Hip-Hop, can we ever bring it back or up to date.

Anonymous said...

I love KRS One...and I won't say how old I am, but hell, i was born late 80's (refering to frank)....but he just showed how real he is...and whoever that fan was he was wack....i cant think of any reason in my right mind why i would WANT to throw a bottle at KRS...thats royalty right there, that fan needs to be taught to respect his elders....(wooooorddd)


Thats The BLAst Master KRS-One!!!
"STOP THE VIOLENCE" Cuz it's Civil War.
I Know Someone Else who's a Pacifist My Diva Deev!!! HEHE My Lil Punky lol

Mr. J. Johnson said...

old school Krs-1 deep brotha.

eddie said...

this is the hip-hop i love