Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Kanye West "Home Coming" ft. Chris Martin

New Kanyeezy video. I loves me some Cold Play so I'm glad to see he did a video for this record, "Homecoming" off of Graduation.


freddy said...

I can't cosign on the basis that Kanye re-did what was already a great song just so he could pretend he "worked" with Coldplay.


made more sense than the last video

Mr. J Johnson said...

I'm a Cold Play Fan original.
not a Kanye West Fan who copies.

Frank said...

Um...if you new Kanye's work he...um samples,lol

Mr. J. Johnson said...

frank if you we're speaking to me, as i said, i'm not a fan of Kanye West due to the fact he samples/copy, nearly all his songs, however you want to word it (sample) or (copy).
i'm more into artist who are original artist like jazz hip-hop Digable Plantes, jazz period, old school r&b some rock groups

Frank said...

I guess its a matter of taste then, cause majority of hiphop contains sampling. I don't think anything is completely original so sampling doesn't bother me if it's done creatively....oh, and all the songs on Digable Planets debut contain samples

Mr. J. Johnson said...

yea but their sound to me is original, i like the jazz sound that's what makes it original.

www.myspace.com/AmandaDiva said...

I'm with Frank on this one. Hip hop is based on the art of sampling. Whether it's jazz, soul records, or live instruments, vast majority of beats are made from samples. Facts!

Mr. J. Johnson said...

I'm a not connoisseur of hip-hop like you and frank are, maybe the right word to use is "Unique" too replace the word original, as i said before I love Jazz
artist like Miles Davis he was unique.
Digable Planet "Unique" hip-hop and jazz together made them is a
hip-hop group, unique, The Roots unique,
I hope still can unify this debate using the word "Unique"
"I would've reply sooner but work nights".

Frank said...

Mr. j.johnson...Digable Planets were hardly unique. A number of rap acts were fusing jazz & rap.

Example this song came out five years prior to DP's debut & contains a Charlie Parker sample.

A Tribe Called Quest also had jazz sampling on their early albums before DP

Mr> J. JOhnson said...

Man i didn't list every hip-hop group, i just listing who i'm a fan of which is Digable Planet don't expect me list every single
hip-hop who combine jazz with
hip-hop man, like i said before i'm not a hip-hop connoisseur like you are, so i can't come close
to what you know i'm just speaking of who i like, respect that.

Mr. J. Johnson said...

And because someone did before doesnt mean their not unique.
remember you said frank that
hip-hop=dead it's very alive.

www.myspace.com/AmandaDiva said...

I hear you J. I mean you like who you like and Digable Planets did have a unique sound. It was similar to Tribe but still their own. THanks for the compliment on my music too. And Freddy quit goin at everyone's necks all the got dang time! Be it me, other bloggers, or artists. We know you know your shit! :) Yeesh

Mr. J. Johnson said...

Thank you Ms. Amanda Diva your skills
will stand tall not many have that ability believe not many have your skills

Frank said...

mr.j.johnson said:"Digable Planet "Unique" hip-hop and jazz together made them is a
hip-hop group, unique"

I was just basing my response on what you said and pointing out that other groups had also fused hiphop with jazz before them. You had said that Kanye "copies" thus implying that Digable Planets were completely "unique."

Anyway I'm a fan of Digable Planet's too and I do respect your opinion.

freddy said...

And Freddy quit goin at everyone's necks...

i'm thowwy :(

i just had a particular beef w/ this song...i am not an angry man..

...I'm cool like that,

Mr. J. Johnson said...

frank, lol you are like a flea bloodsucking. I also like that Digable Planet and i must add the Fugees, had softness of a females voice which to me brings a unique balance too a hip-hop group.
and thanks for the respect

medottie said...

this dude Kanye Rocks! the house!
even after his Mom passed R.I.P., he was this doing it! emotions and all

taprapper said...

Yo J Johnson i feel you on a female voice in a hip-hop group it do bring some favor...so i need another nigga and chick to make it big

Mr. J. Johnson said...

Man, you better ask the experts about that question lol Amanda or Frank, if that was a question on hip-hop, i'm a jazz lover, i know softness is needed in jazz.