Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sit Down!!!

[you know she hype!]

Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania primary last night (womp womp).

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Hillary Clinton on Wednesday was enthusiastically savoring her Pennsylvania primary victory over Barack Obama the night before, saying the win shows she would make a stronger Democratic presidential nominee than her opponent.

She defeated Obama by 10 percentage points.

“Yesterday, we had record turnout in Pennsylvania,” Clinton said on CNN’s “American Morning.”
“I won that double-digit victory that everybody on TV said I had to win, and the voters of Pennsylvania clearly made their views known — that they think I would be the best president and the better candidate to go against Sen. (John) McCain” of Arizona, she added.

I'd really like this woman to just SIT DOWN! So we can keep it movin with my man Bams. Shout to too for formerly endorsing our brotha Barack. Keep hope alive folks! It ain't over till it's over!!!


taprapper said...

yea, i heard.
she look like a clown on this pic

freddy said...

why she should quit, she just won a key state. thats like asking the Celtics "hey can ya just fall back". Instead of wanting Senator Clinton bow out, maybe we should encourage Sen. Obama to go harder...

Mr. J. Johnson said...

I think she in it, until the end.


Sit Down!!! Granny!!! lol