Thursday, April 10, 2008


Happy Birthday to my homie Q-Tip! We all celebrated last night at A-P-T in NYC! FUN TIMES!!

Tipsta and Rich Medina kept the music poppin

Kweli and Deevster

Lord Sear...that's a hilarical ass nigga yo, lol

Deev and Da Cons (Tip's cousin Consequence)

F.B.M. Boris Kudjoe. My roommate in college, Adrienne and I believed this man to be a level of gorgeous that seemed immeasurable. I saw him in person for the first time last night and I can CONCUR! OUR ASSERTIONS WERE CORRECT!

DJ Cassidy
(who supposedly spun at J & B's "wedding" but I was too tipsy to ask! Lol)

Producer extraodinaire 88 Keys

ROCKSTEADYYYY!!! Crazy Legs was in the house

D-NICE his name makes sense he's a great dj AND one of the nicest guys EVER!


Frank said...

...I can see you're having fun with this blog thing huh? I aint mad atcha lol

freddy said...

why does Consequence's teeth look like a row of cocaine kilos?


Anonymous said...

i love me some CRAZY LEGS....

Trent said...

Okay, I'm jealous.

Happy belated berfday to Q-Tip.

I see a lot guy photos, were there any females at the party? Help the brothas out here. ;-)

The party must have been a blast. Glad you had fun!

liteskinbro said... i see, you're a lil faded Diva still got that golden smile, how old is Q-Tip anyways?

meluv79 said...

I see you had a great time.

tra said...

Boris is gorgeous!