Friday, April 25, 2008

We Have to do Better Pt. 13

I am not surprised. BUT I AM ANGRY. AND WE ALL SHOULD BE.

Detectives Gescard F. Isnora, Michael Oliver, and Marc Cooper were declared innocent of all charges against them today by judge Arthur J. Cooperman. There was no jury in this trial, per the officers' choice. This was the verdict that Ray Kelly and police officials were concerned might cause unrest across the city, so expect upped police presence around town today. According to ABC in New York, Sean's ex-fiancée, Nicole Paultre-Bell, stormed out of the court upon the news. We'll tell you more when we hear reactions from Sean Bell's family, lawyers, and the officers themselves. Already, the Bell family has vowed to continue this battle further.

The takeaway from Judge Cooperman's verdict seems to be something he said while delivering it: "Carelessness is not a crime." Credibility issues were also at the heart of the not-guilty decision. Meanwhile, after the trial, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was quick to say: "We don't anticipate any violence." When asked what he thought of the result, he replied, "it's inappropriate for me to comment on the verdict."

Since when is "carelessness" not a crime??? What about "Manslaughter?"

MANSLAUGHTER - The unlawful killing of a human being without malice or premeditation, either express or implied; distinguished from murder, which requires malicious intent.

Killing a person while doing an act of mere wantonness, is manslaughter as, if a person throws down stones in a coal-pit, by which a man is killed, although the offender was only a trespasser.

When death ensues from the performance of a lawful act, it may, in consequence of the negligence of the offender, amount to manslaughter. For instance, if the death has been occasioned by negligent driving. Again, when death ensues, from the gross negligence of a medical or surgical practitioner, it is manslaughter.

And that is at the very least! It's judgment would have been merely a Pyrrhic victory for a battle we've been fighting since the inception of race as a tool for control. There simply is no beating this system. These cops are now to continue to be on the force? They are to still be considered protectors of the peace? How is that possible? The fact of the matter is this folks: we are SO far away from the mountain top.

We live in a nation riddled with injustice and a community stunted with complacency
Born out of revolution but imbued with inequality
The bell it tolls for Sean and those who know no sense of what it means

To feel at least the peace of mind of seeing history redeemed



Frank said...

Amanda...please write a song on this...for Sean's memory and all those who have died to this DISGUSTING SYSTEM!!!! said...

already on it homes. i have to

Glennisha Morgan said...

This is some straight up bull!

freddy said...

i hope somebody appeals this or at least take civil action.

taprapper said...

the no jury is Bull Shit beyond words!!

mr j johnson said...

they got away with manslaughter unblieveable...


This makes Me angry. I'm Thinking about GoInG to School To Study law. As Much as A Hate School Is as Strongly as i Want to use the System Against the Tyrants.

eddie said...

Civil rights leaders are demanding
a federal prode in that

The Deen said...


Would you (and anyone else you know with the heart and talent for it) be willing to join us at Scholars Ink for a new Hip Hop for Respect project?
I think another one is definitely needed as it was after the Diallo case, except this time with the new generation of socially active hip hoppers. It would help to get some money together for the families legal fees should they decide to do a civil suit.

You down?

Frank said...

@the deen....I concur. If there was ever a time hiphop needs to come together it's on now! deen can you provide us with more info? I'm also trying to find out more on any initiatives taking place to reverse this "abortion of justice" as Al Sharpton aptly put it. I refuse to be complacent anymore...we as youth need to freakin wake up and follow in the footsteps of Dr.King who's death we were remembering just a few weeks ago. If we don't next time it may hit close to one of us

The Deen said...

There isn't any more info at this time; the idea was birthed here, on this comment. We need to get together and put righteous indignation on wax. Let us show that hip hop can actually speak out, and show this family that we are with them.

tra said...

When i heard the verdict, i cried on my lunch break, feeling disbelief, and wondering what
MLK Jr. would think, say, or do.

medottie said...

i cried too, i'm so sad this whole weekend is gloomy got the blues man

rico said...