Friday, April 11, 2008

The Coonery Continues...

So I may be late on this but there is a Flava Flav sitcom dropping. Isn't he DONE ruining his legacy yet?!?!! ARGH SUCH A WATTAGUY!!!!!!


Frank said...

I blame the people who watch his shows

Anonymous said...

i feel you frank! i feel you...only way to stop em is to tell EVERYBODY to stop WATCHING EM'....

Anonymous said...

yea i know i wont be watching that
trash! period.

freddy said...


...i know NDR (niggas don't read),

i still need a cohesive definition for COONERY. what does Flav do besides dress up like an idiot?

he doesn't make any comments on serious issues that might damage black america

he doesn't promote drug use or alcoholism, in fact no one points out the fact that he KICKED HIS DRUG HABITS

he stars on a show where clearly educated women (OVER HALF THE GIRLS ON FLAVOR OF LOVE ARE INDEED COLLEGE GRADUATES I.E. NEW YORK, HOOPZ, MYAMME, PUMPKIN) consciencely objectify themselves, IS THAT HIS FAULT?

infact if you watch Flavor of Love, Flav actually is a pretty well spoken and a thoughtful guy when he's not in character

how many people immulate Flavor Flav to the point were people will begin to associate Black Men with him. You see brothers in du-rags, baseball caps, white tees, and Jordans all the time, so it is understandable for someone to make that stereotype, but how many men do you see WEARING A VIKING HELMET AND A LARGE CLOCK.

I understand peoples objections with Flavor Flav to some extent, but no one had these objection when he was entertainig us with PE. As long as he's not getting arrested, inebriated, making it rain, or beating on woman, or tap dancing on a back porch with a fiddle, then i don't think its coonery.

TI, Remy Ma-->coons, they got locked up for dumb shit.

So besides Flav dressing up like an idiot and giving fully cognitive women an oppurtunity to degrade themselves (what strip clubs do everynight), how is he a coon/bad for black america?

Come get'cha clock,
Flavor Freddy

Frank said...

Am I wrong for watchin this though? lol

meluv79 said...

what's the definition of coonery?
it's anyone degrading oneself or others, but thats my personal opinion, i see your a big fan of flav's show, perhaps the reason of your blindness

freddy said...


meluv79 said...
what's the definition of coonery?
it's anyone degrading oneself or others, but thats my personal opinion, i see your a big fan of flav's show, perhaps the reason of your blindness

blindness, right, okay. so you must then be blind to your own definition. you say coonery is anyone degrading themselves or others. So strippers and strip clubs, Coonery.

Some people don't think its appropiate for the word Nigger to be used on television at all.
That would make the Boondocks COONERY

Saturday Night Live has degraded the Democratic Race,Star Jones, Ghetto Black women, hilbillies, Asians, ect. so accordingly thats COONERY.

Some people believe Condi Rice degrades black people. so according to you thats COONERY.

According to Bill Cosby all of Hip Hop is COONERY

Thats why I asked for a cohesive definition, not an unfounded and insultry opinion like meluv79 gave.

I never claimed to be a big fan of Flav's show. I watch it, but I wouldn't cry if it were cancelled. And to call me blind speaks toward your lack of argument or strong position as that you clearly can't develop a sound position to support your opinions or definitions so rather than PERSUADE ME OR ENLIGHTEN ME you simply wrote me off as blind. I respect your opinion meluv79, but i need a persuasive and educated stance.

Someone, please! intelligently explain Flav's coonery.

Is Bret Michaels a Coon?,
Blind Freddy

meluv79 said...

sorry fred, didn't mean to insult you i'm hopeful someone can provide an educated answer on coonery for you, i see it's a must, good luck homes,
someone please help fred he needs an educated answer on coonery.

ahk sauce said...

same on the creators,writers,actors and everybody who has something to do of this show