Saturday, January 5, 2008

2007 The Re-Cap Before the Re-up!

Well folks, before we completely dive into "Da Ocho" I thought I should do a lickle re-cap of my '07. My life is nothing short of eventful if not comical so I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Jan-I brought in the new year in Miami with the person I was seeing and eventully fell in love with. But er uh as per usual I aint fall for too long. By April the madness was full blown and it was a wrap!

My final assessment: He was wearing a mask that whole time (a damn good one)!

I shit you not this is really a picture of imitating art huh?!

April-Well, with all that pesky love mess out the way there was nothing to distract me. I could really, truly, completely focus. Next move: get some music to the people. "40 Emcees" video/song goes out and for the first time folks begin to see/hear Amanda Diva the artist. I took a gamble cause the record isn't your typical but I'm glad I did and thanks to those who been rockin with me since!

My final assessment
: Heads was pleasantly surprised and happy that I came out on some rap shit as opposed to goin the tittie/booty route!

-Black Lily Film & Music Festival was ill. I called Ahmir and told him I wanted to do some shows with El Roots and he said, "Do Black Lily!" I'm still tight as jaxx with the AMAZING musicians I met there and am blessed to have had the experience to rock on the same stage with so many amazing women!

My Final Assessment
-Honestly it's just bugged how many people simply after seein this video began to take me seriously. Big ups to that famous Afro with the pic bobbin with the beat in the back.

June-August-Floetry Remix Tour, I have talked about this to death so Ima just say this: Fans can be lethal, people can be fake, money can be funny, but you cannot deny good music! Them shows with that songstress (Marsha Ambrosius), and that band (The Pipe Slingers), and that dj (Aktive) were off the GOT DANG chain!!! Aint no reason we shouldn't have kept the brand goin when together we sounded/looked/performed that good, period.

My Final Assessment: Everything wasn't peachy but on stage as Floetry Remix was sublime :)


October-I GOT FIRED FROM SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO! After being there close to 5 years and puttin in blood, sweat and tears, heads fired me from my own show, BREAKFAST AT DIVA'S, with NO explanation and no replacement for that matter. But you know what, (sing it Sizzla!), YA CAN'T KEEP A GOOD [WO]MAN DOOOWWWNNN!!!!!!!!!!

My Final Assessment: I had a good run, but the race don't stop!

October-December-After the debacles of Sirius & Floetry Remix I found myself refocused...I could do me. But how?! One day I was standing in my living room throwin a lightweight temper tantrum at Sheeda Sheeda on the basis of, "I CAN'T PUT OUT AN ALBUM BY MYSELF"...two days later I wake up @ 3am with an epiphany. "I'm gonna put out a trilogy of ep's digitally. I'll call it 'The Experience Trilogy': Life Experience, Love Experience, and Live Experience. I called Sheeda Sheeda who of course replied, "I told you so. Now let's do it."

Three months later the "Supa-Woman" single and video were online everywhere:

The Myspace Music Feature got my page poppin (it's poppin, it's POPPIN!):

And "Life Experience" the EP, my baby, my shmoopy, my love is available digitally on itunes, rhapsody, etc!

Final Assessment
-Producers can be the biggest dickheads and pussies on the planet earth OR they can be the most gifted, inspirational, & cooperative musicians. (Clark Kent you of course are of the latter ;)

: 2007 was the craziest year of my life. Professionally & personally. Thanks to VH1 & the NFL Network I ended the latter portion of the year with some good looks on the tube (always a good look...unless you look like Britney these days) and thanks to my team I was all over the Internet singing, rappin, and of course talkin.

Da Ocho is a time for building on the foundation of the last year. I been hearin a lotta folks say it too. It's an election year, the music biz has never been more different, Global Warming is more and more prevalent, Bhutto has been assassinated, there's a WHOLE lot goin on and that will be goin on. We gotta keep everything eye level ya'll. I want what we're building to reach the sky:)

[i'm tryin to bottle the hypeness of this picture and sell that shit! we'd put Crunk Juice outta business!! LOL]

photo: Evie Robbie


Anonymous said...

yea good you moved on, love shouldnt be about a person wearing a mask to when you love that's fake fo sure.
"2008 ita be great mate"
Big Up's on your Ep!

hey-you said...

girl you busssy to be in love anyway, the pic is to funny priceless hahaha.
shit you right about some producer, lol act like lil pussycats and some of them cry babies too

player said...

you know, sirius can't replace your talents, really think about it.
but i do see you on radio again in more of a talkshow with music also
the "Diva Show fo sure

rox. said...

sounds good to me. i can't wait to see all the great things you will bring in "da ocho" whether in painting, poetry or in music. Keep shaking the haters off and doing big things, you are truly a Supawoman!! how many artists in the biz can say they've put out one let alone THREE EPs by themselves. Best wishes for Da Ocho Ms. Diva.



*star* not star jones said...

I didnt make to the show in the city of angels, but my friend saw floetry re-mix tour she said "you a live wire with some fire!" i saw youtube but i really didnt to like the guy voice doing backup singing he drown out yalls voices