Monday, January 7, 2008

Supa Woman of the Week: Michelle Obama

Our Supa-Woman of the Week is Mrs. Michelle Obama, for what I consider to be obvious reasons. I mean she really is just dope, period. But just for the heck of it let’s list three:

1. Her kids always look sharp! Not since Jackie O’s seeds have a set of Political Kiddies been so together. It’s also great to see a mother in the spotlight who is realistic about not only why the kids should be present but also why they need to remain protected. (Lynn Spears take notes!)

2. She’s not just standing around plotting which china she’s gonna use in the white Black House if “Bams” picks up the W. SHE PLANNED HIS CAMPAIGN! Brothas stay complaining about the lack of “down ass chicks” out here, well here is a shining example of not just a woman who’s down, but a man who respects her as is his teammate!

3. Cuz with Barack winnin the Iowa and now New Hampshire caucus you know them hate emails is floodin her AOL box. Coretta mode, ENGAGE!

Check out this video of her speaking at the women for Barack Luncheon April ' casually fly! She needs her own Cover Girl line, called "First Lady," lol


Tra said...
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Tra said...

had a type-o on first.

*Thanks For Posting*
The First lady to be is
Most definitely = Supa Woman
of the year!! ;)

Miss Mikelah said...

Love how she appeals to the everyday woman...go head first lady!

rox. said...
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rox. said...

She is definitely doing her thing representing all the strong, intelligent Black wives and mothers. Great pick for Supawoman of the week, I couldn't have said it better. Hopefully she'll make it to First Lady.