Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two Emcees Talk Politics

Heads up, I am posting this not because I agree with Lupe or Rhymefest or their sparring match but because I am curious to know YOUR thoughts on where YOU stand on the topic of election, the candidates involved, etc. So read on and speak on…

Monday, January 07, 2008

A conversation between Rhymefest and Lupe Fiasco

A lot of my comrades have been hitting me up for clarification on the discussion between myself and Lupe yesterday (Sunday, January 6, 2008). So, the following details exactly what happened so that no one gets it twisted.
WARNING: This is for intellectuals only! Please read thoroughly so that you won't miss any of our points. Let's start with the interview on
SOHH.com that Lupe conducted that started this:

SOHH Exclusive: Lupe Fiasco Bypasses Barack Obama, "I Want Hillary To Win"
written by Danica Dow

Over the next month voters across the country will get to pick candidates for the two major political parties. In light of the official beginning of voting season in Iowa, SOHH caught up with Lupe Fiasco to see who he is throwing his support behind.

"I'm not voting for anybody," Lupe told SOHH. "I don't believe in voting on that level. But I want Hillary [Clinton] to win," he says. Surprisingly, the Chicago emcee does not support the junior United States Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

"Obama doesn't really impress me like that," Lupe told SOHH. "It's not a shot at him but some of his agendas, the bombing of Iran and all that stuff.* He ain't gonna do nothing but perpetuate the nonsense that all the Presidents before have done, and what Bush is doing now. It's to the point now where the world is so twisted and so messed up that we need somebody to come in."

Tonight's Iowa caucus marks the first major electoral event of the nominating process for the 2008 Presidential election by essentially voting on which candidates should represent their respective parties. Because of its "first" status, the Iowa caucus is especially influential in the process of electing the Democratic and Republican candidates.

If Clinton takes Iowa, she is in a better position to win in the immediate state caucasses that follow.

"I think Hillary will set an example for women all around the world and hopefully effect some change, as opposed to another man pushing for agendas and pushing policies," Lupe said. "I think even if she don't do anything, just the statement that it makes--that the United States is run by a women--would be so phenomenal for the world."

At press time Senators Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards are in a statistical three-way tie according to most polls.

[*Editors note: While all the major Democratic candidates--including Clinton, Obama and Edwards--say they would not remove military option off the table, when it comes to Iran, none have said they support the bombing of Iran.]


Then, here is the blog that I wrote to address it:

Don't Let Your Arrogance Fuel Your Ignorance (SUPPORT BARACK!)

Recently, a prominent Hip-Hop website asked an artist who they supported in the 2008 presidential primaries. Shockingly, their response was Hillary Clinton. Now, I'm not one to judge a person's political, religious or [even] artistic views; however, the reasons that this artist gave were so fucking erroneous and outrageous that it compels me to speak out, even if only to give fans the right information so that we are not following uninformed-ass rappers down the hole of 'abstract nothingness.'

First of all, the facts:
Barack Obama has stated he is not opposed to military action against Iran if they were persistent in their ambitions to obtain nuclear weapons; weapons being the operative word. However, he also states that as president, he plans to talk to Iran without preconditions about certain assurances in the context of them showing some good faith, as well. Barack Obama stated "I think it is important for us to send a signal that we are not hell-bent on regime change, just for the sake of regime change, but expect changes in behavior. And there are both carrots and there are sticks available to them for those changes in behavior." This clearly does not describe the agenda of a candidate who supports 'the bombing of Iran and all that stuff.'

I would be very interested to know if this particular artist even knows what Hillary Clinton's position is pertaining to military action against Iran; and, no, I'm not giving him the answer.

Barack Obama being the only Black senator from Illinois automatically gives me a sense of pride and appreciation for his journey. Of course, for America to be flipped on its axis with a qualified woman president would be a significant milestone in this chapter of our country's history. But, I fail to see how a qualified Black man as president wouldn't be just as significant a milestone. Please, to all artists who dare to speak on political issues in this election: understand that Barack Obama won the Iowa caucus by inspiring more young people and women to vote than any previous presidential candidate. How could it not be impressive to see the new Bobby Kennedy of our day in the White House?

In the words of Gabriel when he revealed the Holy Qur'an to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the cave: "READ." Please do not let your arrogance be the fuel for your ignorance.

Fest a/k/a



Now, the following discussion is what took place on the Okayplayer message boards between myself and Lupe on his thread entitled "And furthermore nigga!!!!..." after someone on Okaplayer said "Damn Lupe, you going to respond to Rhymefest's post?" Lupe responded with the following:
not in public...thats wack...I'll call him tomorrow...

...unless we devise a sinister under the table plot to faux battle each other furiously over the topic via youtube only to bring more attention to our projects then take the ill gotten booty and buy Phantoms with it that we will then proceed to drive in the homemade videos made of the diss records also to be debuted on youtube...

Then, I decided to respond to him. Here it goes:

I'm responding to your post because you don't have my number.

Please fam...don't let some of these people on the boards get the situation twisted for you. I'm not dissing or coming at you on any level. In fact, I love the song "Go Go Gadget Flow" off of your new album, and I encourage everyone to purchase The Cool. Chitown is on the rise! However, Barack Obama also lives in Chicago, and at the very least we have to not put out information that is wrong or can be misconstrued by people on the outside OR the fans that love, listen, and follow what we say.

As a brother, all I'm asking you to do is tell the people that you really don't know what Barack Obama's position is on Iran, or at least not when you did the SOHH interview.

In my original post, I did not mention your name or the actual source of the interview. Just to let you know, my mission is not to down you, but to big up Barack Obama.

If you or anyone else supports any other candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, or whomever---I think that those are all fine candidates; I just find it irresponsible to tell untruths about any of them.

Lupe, please tell the people Barack Obama does NOT support bombing Iran.

In Response To Fest...

Have no fear...the misconstruding bias that exists in the OKP doesn't affect me to the point of turning on my people in a negative way...even when my people are the ones misconstruding it...

let me first reinforce my stance on national politics and the American System based on a mispractice and abomination of true democracy...

i have no faith in it...never have, never will...a mindset instilled at a very young age by a pro-active, Black Panther party promoting, revolutionary father and a very intellectual damn near anarchist mother with more than enough facts to back it up...

I've been around politics and politicians my whole life...got the baby pictures with The Honorable Harold Washington to prove it...Recently i was just honored alongside Hillary Clinton as one of shining stars of Cook County (if u didnt know she from around the way as well)...I know and have seen what this system is capable of both good and bad...some of my peeps are state reps and the such...if that even means anything to the point

I say this to let you know first off I'm educated in the process...so much so that I dont agree with it..more importantly I wasnt out to slander Obama...If it was misinformation that I received then I apologize on behalf of the source but like I said I am still going back to recheck the validity of the source...if that is not his stance now then so be it...my opinion of Hillary being in Office over Obama is merely because she is a woman and I believe the act of a woman leading the strongest nation in the world will have unforeseen side effects and may act as a catalyst for change the world over more so than that of a black man...is that a fact? NO...does it even really matter? NO...they both still tow the line and champion the ideals of their respective party...which is flawed in its nature (The Party Line that is)...For Example...Continuing the fruitless and very illegal and very oppressive and very repressive also very very expensive "War On Terror" was one of the first things off his lips @ the Iowa victory speech FACT!!!...Just like all the candidates would've said if they would have won...I say this because they are all the same...Race has nothing to do with it...see Condelezza Rice & Colin Powell (or any of the other black leaders in Africa that continue to rape and pillage the motherland and its people just like the white british & dutch did)...its about Justice and Equality and I dont hear Justice and Equality from any of these canidates that are on the forefront...not even Hillary...I'm not impressed...Im not impressed like i was impressed by Malcolm or Martin or continue to be impressed by Chomsky or Cornel West...I dont hear true Social Equality...I hear traditional American Democracy & retorhic (i dont think I spelled that right) which is my brother nothing but bullshit...

in closing I think that if I said all that in response to SOHH it might have been clearer that Lupe Fiasco doesnt even support the system as a whole so what he thinks of the candidates who are running to head it up isnt even relevant...maybe I'm wrong..maybe it will be the start of a renaissance that will change the face of the world and we will be blessed with Social Utopia or maybe my nigga got the blessing of the Iluminatti and is just meant to bring us one step closer to having a chip in our fucking heads...either way I'm good..as long as there is the word of Allah (SWT) and the leadership of his prophets that will always reign supreme...

Men build castles of sand even when rain is sure to come...

Blessings and Godspeed in your struggles for truth...


I'm still callin too!!! hahaha

First of all...

All praise IS due to God, and I thank God that we're able to have this type of dialogue ESPECIALLY in hip hop. However, I was not born into a political revolutionary family like you. My father was a crackhead alcoholic. My mother was 15 years old when I was born. I was raised around gang members. So personally, when I hear Barack Obama speak about hope and its audacity, that is a message that I can relate to.

Being raised on the Southside of Chicago under the conditions that many of us are subject to, I haven't had the opportunity to become desensitized to the political and social ramifications of a Black president. My brother, it does mean something. I don't believe that Barack Obama is the 'same ol' same'. Did you know that in a recent poll 69% of whites think it's possible for a Black president, while only 47% of Blacks thought it was? This suggests to me that our cynicism and disbelief will surely be the death of us.

I believe in Allah and all of his prophets. However, I believe God also sends messengers in the form of parents, community leaders, and yes---politicians. Barack Obama speaks against lobbyists and their influence on the political system and candidates. Did you know that his campaign was funded not by lobbyists with corporate agendas, but by individuals like you and I? Considering the millions that he has raised, a lot of individuals believe in the audacity of his hope.

Lupe, this can be a great moment for us; even though I know you don't have my number, I will still expect your call, LOL.

It seems to me as if you're not sure if change can or cannot happen. Our recent successes, and Barack's recent success in Iowa, is proof that with faith all things are possible.

I admire your audacity in the face of your plights. My faith is where its supposed to be...with the Lord...

trust my opinoins are molded not alone by political thought and high discourse around the house...but also by niggaz getting shot in my hallway, hookers turning tricks in the stairways we played in and finding heroin needles while playing football in the front yard...crooked cops and crooked aldermans with a different gang on every block...that would be the westside my friend...it happened to all of us...so i look for beacons of hope as well and where I see it is not in the face of a politician in this day and age...Sadly and Happily I see it where it's always been...in the face of the people!!!...as far as US who keep US back and are among the cynics and undesireables i wonder what the cleasing process is for US?...Ovens, Internment, re-education on the glorious mechanics of the system or how about Gauntanimo or what about censorship or just a good level of ignoring??? or quarantine them to the worst parts of town give them a shitty education and an econmomy based on narcotics, welfare and minimum wage and let them kill themselves in wars over obtaining luxury goods?...how do u handle your own kind who dont believe in what u beleve?...I guess we dont count cuz we dont vote becuz we dont believe in the hollow promises of liars and a system that has shitted on us for over 400 years using principles that our precious politicians and canidates still hold dear to this very day...a contract of social equality written by slaveowners...that deserves so many "fuck outta here's" it aint even funny...

I pray for change...and change will come...i dont know in what form...is it Obama? maybe...

God gave us the ability to have faith...He also gave us a brain...i like to use mine together sometimes...




Jiggy the Biggy Figgy said...

all i can say is:

...his thread entitled "And furthermore nigga!!!!..."


rhymefest wins.

911 said...

classic...still wouldn't mind if they duked it out lyrically...no violence of course..

THE Hip-Hop Nerd said...

Rhymefest got a lil' heated 'cause Lupe was dissin' his candidate...it's cool tho...at least they talked it out and got some truth out there...but if you're deciding your political philosophy based strictly off of what rappers say you've got some other issues going on...

I agree with Lupe about the system tho...it truly doesn't matter whose in office...true change, revolutionary change will not take place in this nation so long as these two parties retain control over what is supposed to be the people's government...there is no diversity of thought...not in the White House, not in the Congress, not on the Supreme Court bench...so until there are some diverse candidates, not just in physical appearance but philosophically diverse, and they can dismantle the repressive two-party system, I don't see a whole hell of a lot changing anytime soon

Check me out: http://thehiphopnerd.blogspot.com/

Assurance:) said...

I can't front, I am feeling LUPE. Even In the bible Galations 3:11 states that we follow the rules of the land but NEVER trust it.
So I say, let's not put all our hope in man / flesh anyway and focus more on the LORD the higher power for change!

Tra said...
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Tra said...

on some of their statements i can agree with both and disagree also,
i lean more towards what Lupe has to say,
my support is for Barack Obama hands down,
and lets be real, in the usa
color invariably matters when it relates to political issues

Anonymous said...

okay i feel Lupe.
people may not like what i have to say,
"i dont vote on who is going into the white house after what happen in the state of florida, when bush was voted in office, it's too fake! i'll vote on other issues, but not the white house, because that
bull shit, it's all controlled and they know who will win, so why vote.

rox. said...

I can see both Lupe & Rhymefest's perspectives. Their both right in certain ways. Yes, the system of politics is corrupt and unfair, and yes having a woman running the country would send a different message to this country and to the world but there is definitely room for change, room for someone to come into office with fairness and justice on their agenda and no one knows for sure whether it's on Clinton or Obama's. I also agree that having a Black president would definitely send a different and profound message to the people of this country.

I agree with assurance that we should not put all our hope and faith in man because humans are fallible and make mistakes whether we want to or not but we can try to see the good in everyone and continue to hope for change and a better world.

This is going to be a very interesting election, I'm just glad that people are talking about it and thinking about it whether they believe in politics or think the system sucks, the fact that people are following it is still good because we're getting educated and learning from one another as we can see in this dialogue between Lupe and Fest. Let the dialogue continue!

*star* not star jones said...

I'm just glad to see 2 emcees are discussing this issue.
it's not about if lupe or rhymefest wins.