Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Diva Speak TV-Ep:2

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Me said...

Dope from what I saw; I have to leave now but I'll watch the rest later and comment thoroughly since I know how annoying 'It's good' feedback is.

Vaughn said...

Praise the lawd! Who needs those crap shows affected by the writer's strike?! Not me!

Me said...

Sister Amanda,

I loved the episode. Especially the part about defeatists like that coon-ass preacher. Defeatism is not the answer.

Despite black support shifting in favor of Brother Barack, did you know that only 60% of blacks vs SEVENTY percent of whites think America is ready for a black president? Things like that make me very sad indeed.

But seriously sister, please follow up with me about a collaboration to benefit our brother as he pursues the presidency. We need to capture the hearts of the people so that we can stand together. Brother Barack, in my opinion, is the means that Brother Malcolm taught us to use. I'd put all I've got as a poet into it, your usual enlightening rapping/reciting/singing combo would be ill with it and I have two other comrades in this music who are incredibly gifted singers.

Lets bring that real hip hop shit to the table again; I know that you have done so with your music, but we can put that love behind a particular cause.

Hip hop's power is rooted in our instinctive drive for freedom. Let us use that power to bring not only my fellow brown skin ladies and brothers, but the white, the yellow, the red - all toward a monumental step for what is real.

Thank you for another excellent episode. Keep doing what you do.

Peace be unto you,


rox. said...

"I just feel like we've been really bamboozled when we have begun to think that because these two individuals aren't as bad as George Bush that that makes them as Black as Martin Luther King," I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth. I'm tired of hearing people call Bill Clinton the first Black president!!

Anytime someone starts a statement with: "now this is not racist or anything" I know something ignorant is about to come out of their mouth.

Keep these great episodes coming! Maybe they'll give you your own DivaSpeak TV show. That would be SO much better than 70% of the craziness on TV now.

Chef Jp said...

You are doing something that is Ground Breaking I think and I would love to interview you for my new prjoect about outstanding women. Email me at Pointerj@gmail.com I can give you even more detail.

James "Chef Jp" Pointer

SB said...

Big ups to Obama, I'm with you on that! I'm also with you on your music and your lyrical content. But, as an up and coming artist, you seem to be speaking on two very controversial topic, not only political, but also racial issues? I was quite surprised. DO YOU, just seemed a bit risky!?!…My question is...WHY DOES IT ALWAYS COME DOWN TO THE RACE CARD? I'm a very opinionated person myself, but don't you think speaking your views to the general public, at this time, in this manner, could be detrimental to your career? Just mentioning “I'm not racist or anything", coming out of anyone’s mouth...you might as well have said, I am a racist. This is my view after watching the blog.


Me said...

I don't think white folk will ever understand that race is an actual - not invented - issue. When you grow up being thrown strange looks wherever you go and being eyed suspiciously by cops all because of your color, the 'race card' holds a great deal of significance.



freddy said...

okay, i absolutely believe Pastor Manning is a cook ass nuthead...

but after watching the video's on his ATLAH youtube channel (which are absolutely HILARIOUS!) I think the point he is trying to make about Obama, however idiotic he constructs his views, is this...

His problem, after watching ALL OF HIS videos, with Sen. Obama is the Senators lack of outspoken-ness on issues that effect the Black community (which the Senator HAS tangibly addressed in his career). It seems Pastor Manning takes issue with Obama being heralded as the hope for the Black community when the Senator isn't a loud outspoken militant.

As far calling the "negro people" fickle...he sorta has a point. A lotta people did dip out on Hilary on the basis that Obama was Black. It seems the Pastor would rather people solidifyedly support someone rather jump ship left and right on the basis of political promises.

Know I do think dude lets way too much of his personal opinion delude the realites of the campaing trial. I sense he holds some age old resentment that a lot of older Black men who have absolutley been treated like shit in the pre-civil rights South hold, this sense of semi-hatred of Blacks who can communicate within the White political/corporate/blue collar arena.

So yeah I watched all his videos on ATLAH and minisaiah video channels, and dude actually makes some points,

(like here-->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaGbBtLfVVk, absolutley hilarious and surprisingly on point)

but his points are overshadowed by his ABSOLUTE IDIOCY and feeble tangents. But take it for what its worth overwhelmingly, a good ass laugh!

Ms. Diva I love to see you interview this guy...

Don't trust no negro that aint never been to jail,